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Til It's Gone is the eighth episode of the first season of The Ranch and the eighth episode of the series overall.


The ranch's dwindling finances drive a wedge between Beau and the boys, and Colt goes behind his father's back to ask Maggie for help.



The Ranch hits a dire financial crisis, that makes Beau reconsider the "excessive" spending. They were doing fine for years, but with Colt arriving, the use of resources has increased. Beau decides to apply for a loan from the bank to help them get back on their feet, at least until they get the calves to the market. When the bank refuses to grant them a loan, reasoning that it's too much of a risk, Beau decides to cut off the electricity, as it will save them a couple hundred a month.

Colt feels bad about the ordeal, since his return has exacerbated their financial instability, After consulting Maggie about it, she offers Beau to put up the bar as collateral to help them out, but Beau refuses the offer vehemently. Beau then confronts Colt about him telling Maggie of business at the Ranch. He doesn't want Maggie's nose up their business since it doesn't concern her any longer. However, Rooster is baffled that he refused the offer, stating that Beau is always complaining about Maggie choosing the bar over him and now that Maggie is finally offering it up to save the Ranch, he is too proud to accept it. Beau evades his sons' questioning of his actions, leaving them to go check the generator.

Later, Beau enters Maggie's to find her closing up the bar for the night. She is still pissed off about their last encounter, but Beau reassures her that he would ask for her help if it wasn't too much of a risk. He is proud of what she's done with the bar and doesn't want to ruin that for her if he fails. He's always been taught by his father that hard work will always get him through, but what he didn't teach him is when hard work isn't enough. Maggie reassures him that she believes in him even if he doesn't himself.





Beau: "You know what I saw in the fridge this morning?"
Rooster: "Oh, well, I put my cell phone in there so the FBI can't track me. I learned that from you, Daddy."
Beau: "What the fuck is almond milk?"
Colt: "It's milk."
Beau: "Show me the tit on an almond."
―Beau complains to Rooster and Colt about unnecessary stuff they buy.

Rooster: "You know-how at the airport they got those colors to tell you how scared you're supposed to be?"
Colt: "Yeah."
'Rooster: "Well, I got a similar system to rank the state of the ranch. I use quarterbacks. When the ranch is in perfect condition, it's 'John Elway"
Colt: "Obviously. What state are we in now?"
Rooster: "'Tim Tebow'. It's real bad but at least I know we got God rooting for us."
―Rooster and Colt about the state of the ranch.


Scene: At the end of the show Maggie was closing the bar and Beau comes in to talk.