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Boys of Fall is the third episode of Season 1 of The Ranch and the third episode of the series overall.


When his inflated ego lands him in hot water, Colt realizes he's not the big man on campus anymore. Beau's doctor makes him trade in steak for salad.


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I'm prepared for the end of the world. I've got a shelter full of beef jerky.
— Beau to Maggie

Rooster: "What's up, Beer Pong? You got that 50 bucks you owe me?"
Beer Pong Billy: "You still sellin' weed to high school kids, Rooster?"
Rooster Bennett and Beer Pong Billy

You know, when I got back from Vietnam, I had absolutely no idea what I was gonna do. Twenty-two years old. I was a soldier. It was all I knew. Lost boy come home from war. Only thing I had was right here. So I came back home (...) Wasn't long after that my grandfather died. Momma was all alone. Outta nowhere. But the work didn't die with him. And I knew right there who I was. I was a rancher.
— Beau to Colt.


Scene: Beau struggles to put the fence in the truck.
Scene: Colt plays fetch with the dog.
Scene: Abby pulls up to the Ranch to give Colt his letterman jacket.
Scene: Closing credits.