Jameson Ford "Rooster" Bennett was a main character in the Netflix Original sitcom series, The Ranch.[1] He was Colt Bennett's older brother.

General Information Edit

Rooster enjoyed many of the same vices as his brother, namely drinking and women (in addition to smoking marijuana) and had a light-hearted approach to relationships, much like his brother. He frequently argued with Beau, and once in a while this rivalry escalated to physical violence. Despite this he was hard working and caring, having remained on the ranch to help his father whilst Colt was attempting to become a professional football player, even paying for a plane ticket to Spain for a tryout without his brother's knowledge. He also volunteered to sell his motorcycle when the ranch was in trouble.

He was briefly interested in Heather's sister and eventually hooked up with Heather's mother, Mary Roth, after a first failed date with her sister, Darlene Roth.

Rooster died in a brutal motorcycle accident.

Trivia Edit

  • In December 2017, The character was written out of the show by Netflix following Danny Masterson's accusation of sexual assault. Netflix considered it too much of a liability to keep him on, so they let him go.[2]

References Edit

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