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Maggie the is a main character in the Netflix Original sitcom series, The Ranch. She is Colt and Rooster Bennett's mother and ex-wife of Beau Bennett. Maggie runs her own bar called Maggie's.

General Information[]

Maggie is an independent, free spirited liberal woman, who runs her own business,Maggie's in the small town of Garrison. Prior to the beginning & part of the series, Maggie and Beau, are married, but living separately much to Beau’s dismay. Maggie in her Airstream and Beau back at the Ranch with their son, Rooster. She was happy living in her own space and working in her own bar, however, Beau thought otherwise. He didn't want to be separated from his wife. Once Colt came back, he realised that they finally had something good going and he wanted her to move back in. Maggie refused the offer because she was afraid of going back to their old ways where Beau would not give her attention like he does now that they live in separate homes. Unable to reconcile their differences even though marriage counseling, Maggie & Beau divorced. She has left Garrison several times throughout the series often citing how dissatisfied she is with life in Garrison. Ultimately she admitted to Colt living there has become very hard since her son Rooster’s death. By the series finale, she has moved to a commune in Florida and is in a relationship with her partner Julie. [1][2]