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Luke Matthews is a recurring character in the loop Netflix Original sitcom series, The Ranch.[1] He is the nephew of Beau Bennett and cousin of Colt Bennett .

General Information[]

Luke is a lot like his cousins Colt and Rooster in that he has a penchant for drinking alcohol, chasing women, and general childishness. He is very mechanically inclined, partially due to his experience in the military, and enjoys working on cars and other equipment. Luke is shown to have issues with authority and becomes impatient or even angry whenever someone tries to tell him what to do. After serving in Afghanistan, Luke returns with trauma in the form of PTSD, getting agitated by sudden, loud noises. Despite his faults, Luke is extremely loyal to his friends and family, demonstrate by his willingness to help out his cousin and uncle on the ranch after knowing them for only a short time.

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