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Colt Bennett is a main character in the Netflix Original sitcom series, The Ranch.[1] He is the youngest son of Beau Bennett and Maggie Bennett and is the younger brother of Rooster Bennett.

General Information[]

During his high school years he was a great Football player and up to this day is the most famous player in the city of Garrison. Despite this, his professional career as a football player consisted in failures after failures mostly due to his irresponsible actions like tackling the team mascot or drinking during the games which lead to Colt being eventually cut off of every team he made it into.

Initially, he has a complicated relationship with his father, where it is implied that the major conflict was established when Colt decided to leave the Ranch and follow his dream to become a professional football player.

As the series progresses, Colt starts getting along better with his father and brother. The family has faults but in the end, they all work it all out. Colt is shown to be slightly intelligent, because of him being in 5th grade for two years and of the math skills that made him the laughing jokes of Beau and Rooster.

Colt convinced his dad to buy Peterson’s ranch and it was memorable, and like Beau always says fuck you. Part 6

As part 6 began Colt finally had control of his own ranch with his brother Rooster. However Rooster misses the first day of work, witch prompts Colt to search the Diary Queen, Strip Club which was to no avail. Colt goes to Maggie’s bar and talks to Mary Roth. Mary says she hadn’t seen Rooster since last night and said that her Ex boyfriend Nick and moved to his brothers in Ohio. Colt goes over to Nicks trailer demanding where Rooster is and they get in a fight. They both get arrested by Wilkerson.

When he found out that his brother got caught with rape they kicked him out of the show and made him dead on that movie

At the police station Colt is shown trying to erase a DUI he had 4 years ago on Wilkersons computer. Wilkerson then a says to Colt that’s he’s out on bail for stealing a generator and then he goes to nick’s and gets in a fight, to which Colt claims he won. Wilkerson then tells Colt that at one point during the fight Barbra June’s windshield of her 87 Ferro was broken. Colt then insults her which then Wilkerson responds with “ that’s my girlfriend asshole”. Wilkerson gives him two options 1 pay her 200 dollars or get thrown in jail again, Colt pays her the money.

Nick then walks through the station in cuffs towards the door and Colt and him get into a shouting match, and Nick taunts Colt with saying “ if you see Rooster again tell him I said hi” to which Colt responds with “ oh I will, I’ll see you real soon Nick”, and Nick says “ Looking forward to it”.

Colt then questions how long Rooster needs to be gone before an APV can be put out, Wilkerson then try’s going onto his computer that he can’t access due to Colt changing the password to bitch tits.

Colt returns to Iron River and has a talk with Johanne and he try’s to hide his black eye and Johanne recognizes fast. They have bit of a heart to heart before Beau walks in saying they found Roosters motorcycle. On the backroads Colt and Beau pull up in a rainstorm and Wilkerson is there with there “ best people”. Rooster’s bike is pulled out of the ditch to which Beau can’t watch. Wilkerson says I’m sorry Colt, to which Colts fires back with “ the fuck you sorry for, go find my fucking brother”.

Returning to the Ranch with Johanne there Beau delivers the bad news and says he calling Maggie. Colt says “ no don’t call Mom, you’ll get all worked up over nothing”. To which Beau still calls her. Colt then grabs a rifle and heads out. Beau stops him saying can’t it wait and Colt says “ Dad you always told me the work never stops, so I’m gonna go kill the wolf and when Rooster comes back it will be Fucking dealt with”. Colt curses some more as he heads to his truck. Abby sounds nice on that movie it’s sad that they start fighting I hope they stay to gethier


Abby Phillips[]

Colt and Abby were high school sweethearts and were together for all four years. When Colt comes back home Abby has a boyfriend named Kenny. Both struggle for their feelings for each other for different reasons. But, they do get back together after a long wait. At the end of season 2 Colt goes to Abby preparing his marriage proposal, but does not propose after finding out his previous girlfriend Heather became pregnant after hooking up with Colt prior to his rekindled relationship with Abby. By the series end, they are married & have a baby daughter Peyton, are completing their move into the Peterson Ranch, & looking forward to giving Peyton a sibling.