Better as a Memory is the sixth episode of the first season of The Ranch and the sixth episode of the series overall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Abby gets a taste of her own medicine after a hazy night of drinking. Beau warms to the idea of mending fences with Maggie.

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Colt: "You know, here's the thing. You didn't respect my relationship with Heather, which, I've been told by someone, is 'super not cool'. Wait, who was that?...Oh, that was you! Oh, I guess that makes you the hypochondriac."
Abby: "Hypocrite, it's hypocrite."
―Colt and Abby about the accidental kiss when Abby was drunk.

Listen to me. We've been going in this direction for a while now. I mean, things have been really good since Colt came back. Didn't think I'd ever hear myself saying that.
— Beau admitting to Maggie.

I know it makes you uncomfortable to hear, but I do love you. And I love Mom. And nothing would make me happier than to see you guys work it out. But if that's not gonna happen, I'd like to at least see you guys stop hurting each other.
— Rooster to Beau.

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Scene: Beau and Maggie talk in the bedroom.
Scene: Closing credits.

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