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Beau Roosevelt Bennett is a main character in the Netflix Original sitcom series, The Ranch. He is the father of Rooster and Colt Bennett and ex-husband of Maggie Bennett.

General Information[]

Beau served in Vietnam, but had no idea what to do once he arrived back home at 22 years old. Beau's father was a rancher like himself and Beau credits him to be the person who taught him everything about ranching.

Beau is a tough rancher, who is hard to please. He has an estranged relationship with his sons, Rooster and Colt, especially with the latter, but he also shows that he loves both of them. When Beau come home one day, he finds Colt, his youngest son who has been gone for 15 years., has returned. He is not entirely happy to have Colt back, as he knows Colt is just going to abandon them again. However, Colt proves him wrong this time and decides to stick around and help out at the Ranch.

He is known to be a staunch supporter of the Republican Party and considers Ronald Reagan as the greatest American president of all times. His appreciation for Reagan becomes evident when he vows to visit Mount Rushmore only when they carve Reagan's face on the mountain along with other presidents. Also, his cellphone's ringtone is Reagan's famous line 'Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!'; a line from the famous speech Reagan delivered in West Berlin referring to the Berlin Wall. Maggie once said that Beau still votes for Reagan even when he is no longer running for President and as a jab on the fact that Reagan has been dead for many years.