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American Kids is the fifth episode of the first season of The Ranch and the fifth episode of the series overall.


Rooster and Colt's long-simmering rivalry comes to a head on the first day of hunting season. But their bickering has an upside for Beau and Maggie.


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Colt: "Yeah, I'm down to go huntin'."
Beau: "Really? I didn't figure you had any interest."
Colt: "What? I love huntin'. You get to wake up at 6:00 am and start drinking, guild-free."
―Colt and Beau about hunting season

Colt: "Well, it's Dad's decision. You don't talk for Dad."
Rooster: "Well, actually, I do. See that's the beauty of not abandoning your family. Dad and I are in sync. I know what he's thikning. I know what he's feeling. If were chicks, we'd be having our periods at the same time."
―Rooster to Colt about being close to Beau.

Man, I gave up everything so I could work the Ranch. You know what my reward was? Going hunting with Dad. Cause that's our thing.
— Rooster to Maggie about Beau choosing to go hunting with Colt.

I spent years earning everyone's respect. Then you show up and all of a sudden you're the favourite again? [Scoffs] How does that work?
— Rooster complains to Colt

Hell, I did my best. Left them both out in the middle of nowhere with guns and they still came back.
— Beau to Maggie about their sons


  • Travis Tritt - "It's a Great Day to Be Alive"
Scene: Cold open.
  • Dylan Scott - "Blackwater Baptism"
Scene: Closing credits.